Studio Arts

Art Studio

Studio Arts is our comprehensive art program with a specialized creative arts curriculum designed by our resident Studio Teacher or Aterlierista, Rachel. 

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SPCC has the unique resource of an artist’s studio or atelier,  dedicated solely to the purposes of the art program. Rachel works with all of the classrooms in our school, including infants.

Rachel exposes the children to a multiplicity of art mediums and forms. 

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Having a studio teacher/atelierista helps our school to realize our vision of engaging in meaningful art explorations as a means to fostering an enriching, supportive environment, which nurtures a child’s natural curiosity of the world.

  Contact Rachel at:

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how we remain an artist once we grow up.”     ~Pablo Picasso

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Studio Arts Updates:


November 2014

Window Painting

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