Parent Advisory Committee

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Collaboration with parents is integral to our mission at SPCC, and one meaningful way parents can engage in collaboration with us is by participating in our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). PAC meets once a month and supports SPCC by aiding in organizing fundraisers, family events, family volunteer days, supporting teachers and advising on policy recommendations.

The purpose of PAC is trifold: 

1. Support- Participation PAC is a way that parents can support faculty and SPCC can support parents in a collaborative environment. 

2. Communication- PAC is a forum for additional communication with faculty and/or administration, outside of the classroom; where parent perspectives from each classroom can be represented, and deeper relationships can develop through our collective work. 

3. Collaboration-Parents and staff will collaborate in organizing fundraisers, family events, faculty appreciation events, parent volunteer days, and advise on policy recommendations. 


Participation is voluntary. Ideally we will have one representative from each classroom who will commit to attending the monthly meetings. Meetings shall remain open to all who wish to attend. Executive Director, Assistant Director, and/or Program Administrator  shall be in attendance of PAC meetings and at least one teacher will be present at each meeting (whenever this is possible). Parent representatives will communicate with the families of their child's classroom monthly to collect any items to be added to the meeting agenda.